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Moving Truck Rental

Here are 12 steps in Renting a Moving Truck:

Looking for ways to save money during your next move? Consider renting a moving truck. Renting a moving truck is one of the more cost-effective ways to relocate a whole household or even a small office. Just like renting a car, you can rent a truck or van to personally transport your articles and belongings anywhere. The rental cost of a self-move truck depends on the size of the truck and the distance traveled. Most moving truck rental companies maintain branches in almost all of the major cities, which allows them to offer one-way truck rentals for the renters’ convenience.

Here are 12 steps in renting a moving truck:

1. Inquire about the rental prices to gauge which moving truck rental company best meets your budget. Truck rental rates are often on a per-day basis. Some truck rental companies, however, quote higher than others because they have new and well-maintained trucks, offer free unlimited mileage, or provide special services and conveniences. Some truck rentals come with a standard free mileage plus charges per additional mile. Estimate the number of miles you will need to travel, so that you can have an idea of your total rental expense.
2. Make reservations at the truck rental office, online, or over the phone, preferably a week or two before the day of the move. Make reservations for towing equipment and accessories, too, if you will need them.
3. Plan the route your will take. Have sufficient change for bridge and road tolls. If your route require you to pass by truck scales make sure you understand the process. Carry a cell phone. Allow sufficient time to make this a pleasant moving trip. Drive carefully, obey the speed limit and arrive at your destination safe and rested to unload your belongings.
4. Present the required documents. The moving truck rental company will need to see some documents before they release their vehicle to you. These documents include: a valid driver’s license (to see if you are an authorized and legally qualified driver); a major credit card (for payment or as a form of security); proof of insurance (to see if you are personally covered in case of untoward incidents).
5. Give information about your intended move. The moving rental company will also ask you about some details about your trip and use of their vehicle. You will need to tell them where your destination is, when you will pick up the truck and when you will return it, and what cargo you are loading (household items, office equipment, or other goods).
6. Consider truck rental insurance options. You will also be offered optional insurance plans that you may want to avail of, such as personal accident insurance, cargo insurance, and limited loss and damage waver. Inquire about the coverage and decide if you want to add any to your rental package.
7. Consider moving supplies and packing materials. Packing cartons, adhesive tape, bubble wraps, cords, and protection bags are all available at the rental office. You may want to purchase them before you start packing. Furniture pads, hand trucks and towing equipment are also available for rent.
8. Pay the deposit. As part of the reservation process, you will be asked for an initial deposit on the estimated total charges. You may always opt to pay the full amount for convenience.
9. Inspect the rental truck. Before you drive away with the rental truck, inspect the vehicle closely. The rental company usually has a standard form, the Truck Inspection Report, to fill up. Note all existing scratches or damage that could otherwise be attributed to your use when you return the vehicle. Confirm the accuracy of the fuel gauge and odometer readings.
10. Secure copies of all the pertinent documents of the your rental, i.e., the Truck Rental Agreement, the Truck Inspection Report, and Driver Trip Report. You will need these documents when you go through weigh stations along the highways, and when you return the vehicle.
11. Load and drive. Load your items into the truck and drive safely. For information on how to pack a truck visit our moving guides.
12. Return the truck to the designated location and close your account with the rental company. Settle all additional charges or collect refunds.

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