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Home Entertainment Center

How to guide for a great Home Entertainment Center

Welcome to the Information Age, where your television is digital, your stereo follows you from room to room, and the lights are cued as you pull in the driveway. If you’re considering home networking, High Definition Television (HDTV), or any of a number of other digital products and services, you need to tune into the new buzz in the electronics industry: structured wiring. As the foundation of your entertainment and home automation solution a well designed wiring scheme that follows stringent industry defined guidelines is very important.

Similar to your electric panel the home entertainment center enclosure, will be located in the basement. This enclosure houses the modular components for audio, video, network, telephone, intercom, camera and home automation. When the phone company, cable TV or Network provider comes into your home they should only be required to plug in one cable and they’re done. Your home entertainment control center is designed, installed and ready for any plug and play components.

Essentially there are two basic systems to consider.

Passive system
This system consists of all the components for a home entertainment solution minus a home automation controller. A passive system can include any combination of the following sub systems.
Audio, Video, Networking, Telephone, Surveillance Cameras, Telecom, HDTV, Surround Sound, etc.

Active system
This system consists of all the components for a home entertainment solution but includes the addition of a home automation controller. With the addition of a controller you open the door for an unlimited number of possibilities.

For example:
A wireless controller with an LCD display can sit in a cradle and be available to run your entire home. Control the temperature, home theatre, turn on the lawn sprinklers or close the garage door.

In case of emergency all the lights in the house can be turned on by the push of a single button

Your home automation system can automatically shut off the water main if there is a water leak and call you on the telephone. Your home can be monitored 24×7 for security breaches, out of range temperature, etc…

When you are designing your automated home the imagination is the limitation.

When you decide to design your house for entertainment there are three fundamental aspects to the process.

Rough in – During this phase two simple types of low voltage cable (coax and CAT5e) will be installed. These cables support the distribution of audio, video, computer networking, intercom, cameras and many variations of home automation. This work is done on the same timeline as the electricians wiring installation.

Check out – During this phase each of the installed cables are tested to ensure proper continuity. This process is started after the first coat of paint is applied

Trim out – This is the final phase. During this phase all the individual components are installed and tested. When finished your home entertainment center will be a complete “turn-key” system. This means you enter your home, turn your system on and enjoy.

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