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Is it covered by Warranty, Repairable, or should it be Replaced?

Most Common Lamp (Bulb Type) Failures:

  • The light bulb is burnt out. Before installing bulb, make sure you have the right volt replacement bulb, check bulb carefully for damage. Then, with a towel lightly dampened with window glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol; wipe all fingerprints, dust and impurities from bulb’s glass surface. Let dry thoroughly before installing. Do not touch glass with fingers after cleaning. Handle glass with clean dry towel or cotton glove.
  • Power cord connection at lamp end is loose.
  • Lamp holder/socket failures are usually caused by mechanical abuse or by overheating. A socket with a built-in switch is far more likely to fail in normal use as the switch parts wear out.
  • Sockets used outdoors or in damp areas often suffer from corrosion.

Most Common Lamp (LED Type) Failures:

Sign of a LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) failing is the gradual lowering of light output and loss of efficiency. Sudden failures, however rare, can occur. Follow same replacement as above.

Most Common Fluorescent Lamp or Fluorescent Tube Failures:

The ballast has failed
The fluorescence is breaking down
Fluorescent Bulb and Tube contain mercury, are classified as hazardous waste. The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends that fluorescent bulbs and tubes be segregated from general waste for recycling or safe disposal.


Replacing, repairing and refurbishing a lamp shade is an easy way to improve the lighting ambiance in a room. Vintage shades that need a bit of work and then replace the hardware, fabric, covering, and decorations to create a completely new look to a room.

Lamp Repairs, Lamp Accessories, Lamp Shades & Lamp Shade Repairs

Other electrical devices, gadgets and units found in most homes:

Kitchen Gadgets Bathroom Gadgets Comfort Devices Hobby Room
Beverage opener Electric Hair Cutter Air conditioning Computer
Blender Electric Shaver Air ionizer Printer
Coffee Grinder Electric Trimmer Appliance plugs Scanner
Coffee Pot Hair Clipper Attic fan Lamps
Crepe Makers Hair Cutters Back boiler Paper Shredder
Crock Pot Hair dryer Baseboard heaters
Electric Can Opener Hair iron Ceiling fan
Electric Frying Pan Tooth brush Central vacuum cleaner Work Shop
Electric Griller Water picks Fan heater Electric blowers
Electric Knifes Forced-air Electric drills
Electric Mixers Laundry room Furnaces Electric Dremel
Electric water boiler Clothes dryer Gas appliance Electric fans
Espresso Machine Clothes iron Humidifier Electric grinders
Food Processor Combo washer dryer HVAC Electric hammer
Hot/Warming Plate Futon dryer Oil heater Electric lights
Ice Cream Maker Irons Patio heater Electric nail gun
Popcorn Maker Sewing machine Radiant Systems Electric planer
Tea Kettle Sewing machine Radiator (heating) Electric routers
Toaster Tie press Sump pump Electric sanders
Toaster Ovens Trouser press Vacuum cleaner Electric saws
Waffle Iron Washing machine Water heating Electric sharpeners
Window fan
Kitchen Appliances
Garbage disposal unit
Microwave oven
Range hood

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